So what's it all about?

As parents, we've all been there. Agonising over what to do for our child's birthday party this year. Sick of competing with Mrs. Jones at No.24. Just looking for something new for the children to discover and enjoy. Maybe even keep a unique visual gift from the day?

Well at ShoeHorn, we offer you the chance to give your children an experience they will never forget…

Making their own movie!

That’s right. Over the space of 90 mins, we will help your children come up with an idea, put that idea into pictures, come up with some great lines and then get them in front of the camera and make their story come to life! 

But what if my child doesn’t want to get in front of the camera?

No problem! Would your child like to be the movie Director? Run the camera? Shout “Action!”? We want them to have a go at every part of the experience! 

This is about them exploring their creativity and storytelling. They will learn to use simple filmmaking equipment, how a film is made and most importantly, what fun it is turning their story into a visual masterpiece!

What about Location?

We are also happy to film just about anywhere! Want to hold the party at your home? No problem. Want to hold the party in the park? Even better. 

(And if its somewhere more inventive, we are happy to talk through permissions and see if we can make it happen!) 

Like any good film crew thinking on their feet, it is teaching the children to work with what they have. And it makes it really fun to see what they come up with too…

Lights! Camera! Action!

But what do we actually provide on the day?

We provide two crew, one of which to operate the equipment and guide the children behind the camera, the other to support and guide the children in front of the camera, as we make our epic motion picture. We provide all the equipment, filming, editing service and soundtrack as part of the experience.

We offer several packages, including pre-prepared scripts (in case they just want to get on with it!) and the multiple camera experience, where we provide up to six children with their own small camera, helping us all capture multiple angles and their own personalised footage. 

The entire experience is broken down into small manageable sections that keep the children entertained and the energy flowing. We never stop long enough for them to get bored on any one activity, and by the time were all done, they usually just want to sit and watch the movie! So we are always happy to play back a bit of footage at the end for them to watch themselves.   

Finally...the Premiere!

After all that fun, and when the dust has finally settled and “That’s a wrap!” has been yelled, the children will all receive a certificate, graduating them as bona fide Movie Makers and Stars!!!

From there, we will then rush the footage off for editing, add in the soundtrack and before you know it, you will receive in the post your very own copy of the finished film on DVD and instructions for putting on your own little premiere! 

So, just as a final note, the question that is always on every parents lips; 

…do we know what we're doing?

 In a word...YES. We have collectively over fifteen years experience in the film and television industry, working with such huge companies as 20th Century Fox, Sony, ITV, BBC and Sky. Our staff are DBS certified and Childcare Development trained to supervisory level. We have worked across schools, parties and at public events, putting on training and workshops for children and adults alike across the country. Now we have pooled our resources into ShoeHorn, so that we can do what we love. Make movies with those who want to make them too.    

Price List

Please be aware; ShoeHorn takes no responsibility for the safety of your children or their supervision. Parents are required to supervise their children at all times. If more children attend the party and join in the Movie Making Experience than are booked, we will cater to the additional numbers, but will retain DVD for final movie until full payment has been made for extra headcount, as we record it on the day.

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