Features and Shorts

Film Production

We are always in development on projects within ShoeHorn. Whether it be short films or feature films, we are continuously planning and creating opportunities to go and shoot something amazing. And anything we do shoot, we show below and tell the whole world about it!


Because of their short and sweet length, we are always looking to squeeze in about 3-4 short films a year. They are always locally shot and crewed, and we take pride in the ideas that we put into image. We are always on the lookout for people to come and join in and you will find us regularly shooting around the Midlands and North West. 


Our first feature film is currently in development, and we are looking to go into production in the first half of 2018. Based upon the successful tour of the play of the same name,  "Alchemized" will be ShoeHorn's first cinematic production. 

Stay tuned for further news...


So here is me talking about my crazy challenge. 2 features in 2 months and I don't know anybody. I will have the scripts ready and the equipment. I will shoot the first on my own; starring me, shot by me, edited by me, sent out there by me. The second will involve getting people on board, so if your reading this, join in and give me a shout!