Who do we help?


Whether it be making movies with the kids, or filming that magical wedding day and preserving amazing memories forever more, we are all about being there for you and your family on their special day. Family is an important word to us, as it means more than just blood relations. It means those people closest to you that support you every day and root for you when things get tough. So without going all Dom Toretto on it, if you have a family event that needs film and photo services, we are the people to help value and create the visual images you are looking for. 

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To all you beautiful and artfully imaginative wunderkind, we salute you! (In our best COG armour, of course!)

Cosplay is not only a calling, it's a freedom that we embrace. You love your Manga, you love your Anime, you love your movies, your video games...the whole world of story and magic is yours to turn into reality. We want to celebrate Cosplay and show it on the stage it deserves; as a passionate art form and life affirming choice! 

 Let us be your visual chroniclers and offer our services to share you and all your imagination!

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Whether you are breaking into acting for the first time, or returning to the field of battle once more, headshots clenched tightly in one hand, mutterings of a hard learnt monologue on your lips...we are here to support the actor in all their incredible form. 

Or maybe you are a company, seeking that means to show just how awesome you are? You need a film that shows what professional really looks like. That says to the world; "Here I am! How did you ever get along without me?!" 

Then let ShoeHorn help you. We thrive on professional showcases and photoshoots, delivering that all important image that you need. 

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What services do we offer?


Here at Shoehorn, we love Photography. We love capturing that perfect moment and helping you cherish it forever. We offer Photography services  for a range of tastes and requirements, including; 

Wedding Photo Shoots

Actors Headshots 

Cosplay Photo Shoots

Corporate Photo Shoots

We are happy to provide all your photo shoot needs, whether they be outdoor or indoor, classic background or greenscreen. 

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Need to find a videographer for your innovative and themed wedding shoot? Want something new and educationally fun for your children's birthday party? Need that Showreel, but don't want to wait? Corporate Showcase perhaps?

We are that rare creature; a film production company specialising in all those things that we love and making them happen as soon as possible! 

Whether it be Videography for Cosplay or Movie themed weddings, or hosting Children's Movie Making Parties, or shooting Showreel scenes with Actors, we are all about make believe and offering our services that can help you make those dreams a reality!

Did we also mention that we offer the opportunity to come along and join us in making short and feature films? To come and learn a new skill and join in on the fun? 

Oh yeah.


We do that too. 

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With collectively over 20 years experience in screenwriting for stage, television and film on a global scale, our in-house writers are here to help you with your script and storytelling needs. 

We have worked with prestigious companies, both at home and abroad, and have been lucky enough to see some of our scripts get optioned and go into production. 

Our award winning team of writers have published short stories and books, written TV pilots and episodes for internet distribution, and stageplays that have been performed across the country to sell out fringe and festival crowds.

Whether you need support with your first script, or collaboration on your latest production, we can help. 

So, check out our pages across the website, or click on the pic above and give us a call!  

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